Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fwd: Ref; United Nation Compensation Fund

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From: "western union" <&quot;www.&quot;>
Date: 6 Dec 2017 19:34
Subject: Ref; United Nation Compensation Fund

Attention: Beneficiary,

Your mail details' regarding your fund was well acknowledged on my deck this afternoon. after our official verification perusal we have obtain facts that you are the confide beneficiary of the fund valued at Three Million Five Hundred Thousand united state dollars deposited in our office by the Ministry of Finance of the federal republic of Benin through fund vault ktu/ 9023118308/03 from united nation as compensation. We want to use this opportunity to congratulate you once again for this immensely donation given to you by UN.

Please you are advice to go through this email carefully and make sure you understand and comply with the contents before replying. We are instructed by federal government of Benin to transfer your fund to you via our in-installment transfer through our service (western union money transfer). So you will be receiving $5,200.00 usd daily until the successful installment transfer of your total fund of (US$3,500,000.00) is completed.

Your first payment has been generated but not yet uploaded completed to the Western Union world wide central system for payout to you.

For the benefit of doubt visit our website and track your first $5,200.00 USD online on your personal computer as instructed below:

Enter our website online link: { } to track your payment... Then Enter the MTCN; (980 079 7877) and click (Track Transfer) your will see that your first $5,200 USD is available and still processing because the upload is yet to be completed to the western union world wide central system for payout to you from your country.

Now you are required to re-instate your payment folder from STU office for activation of your Compensation Fund before this transaction can be uploaded to the Western Union world wide central system to enable you to start picking up your daily payment from any western union office around you without any hitch)-you are advice to proceed to the western union and send the required re- in-statement charges of $79.00 USD immediately on the information contained in the payment advice below-

We intend to deduct the required charge/fee out from your total fund but the financial trust fund committee of Benin republic proof in accordance to united nation financial edits of 1990 as related to international fund transfer policy as agreed with western union acts that no one has right over your fund as it have been signed and stamped that no money should be deducted from your fund until it all gets to you to avoid any Mal-practice in making excessive deduction from your fund, be informed that if the policy is not observe it might involve corruption which in other words might lead you loosing your fund, therefore take note that we cannot deduct your fees from your fund.

We are giving you 100% assurance of completing your transfer today once the transfer activation charge is receive today.

You are also advised to send the Activation charges via western union with the information given below or send through money gram if that will be faster for you because there is no more time;

Receiver's Name:-----Cecilia   Anagor
Country:------Republic Du Benin
Text Question:------Payment
Text Answer:------Payment
Amount:--------$79.00 Only.

This is the only official requirements needed and you are given a mandate to get this concluded. So that your transfers will be uploaded correctly to the western union worldwide central system for payout of your daily transfer.

Kindly forward the below details after payment for proper confirmation and we shall proceed with the activation of your payment for available to pick up by you from any western union in your country/Address.


Please call us at +229-99741752 for any assistance in cancelling and/or refunding your money transfer.

Mr. Edward Mark
General Operation Manager.
Western Union Department
Telephone Number: +229-99355673
Ref; United Nation Compensation Fund

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fwd: Urgent Message

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From: James Udo <"jamesudo80.">
Date: 4 December 2017 at 06:02
Subject: Urgent Message

Dear Western Union Customer,

You have been awarded with the sum of $250,000 USD by our office, as one of our customers who use Western Union in their daily business transaction. This award was been selected through the internet, where your e-mail address was indicated and notified. Please provide Mr. James Udo with the following details listed below so that your fund will be remited to you through Western Union.

1. Name:
2. Address:
3. Country:
4. Phone Number:
5. Occupation:
6. Sex:
7. Age:

Mr. James Udo E-mail:

As soon as these details are received and verified, your fund will be transferred to you.Thank you, for using western union.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Fwd: Hello.

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From: Anna <>
Date: 1 December 2017 at 11:37
Subject: Hello.

I'm Anna of DBS bank Hong Kong with a MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL INHERITANCE DEAL of (USD$7.4M) concerning you, contact me via: for details.


Saturday, November 18, 2017


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From: BMR <>
Date: 14 November 2017 at 07:03

I got your contact from a Business Directory in my search for a trustworthy and reliable partner for project investments. I  reach you via your email so that we can work together to claim accrued excess funds worth millions of dollars if you are interested in discussing this further.
If that is the case email me for discussion of this matter in detail. I assure you that this project is feasible and I have worked out a perfect plan to make it successful. I will discuss further details when I am sure of your willingness to do this deal with me.
Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Greetings To You My Beloved, Monday 09/10/2017.

I am Mrs Jane Fidel, I am married to Dr. Wilson Fidel,my husband was a chemical consultant contractor with Bophelong Construction (Pty) Ltd, ( ) for Eighteen years before he died in the year 2015. We were married for Fifteen years without a child.He died after a brief illness that lasted for only four days.Before his death we were both devoted Christians. Since his death I decided not to re-marry. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum $10.5 Million United States Dollars(Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand U.S.Dollars) with a Finance firm he made me the beneficiary to the said Funds. Presently, I'm in the hospital where I have been undergoing treatment for cancer of the lungs.

I have since lost my ability to talk and my doctors have told me that I have only less than (2) two months to live. It is my last wish to see that this Funds is invested wisely and at the end of every year Funds are distributed among charity organization. I want a reliable and honest person that will use this money to reach to the motherless and also less privileges, to reach to the Katrina Hurricane, the sick that has no body to take care of them, the poor and widows and to set up a Cancer research.

If you are willing and honest enough to do my wishes, as soon as i receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the lawyer who will help you to secure up all the documents in your names and details as the beneficiary so that the Funds will be on your names and also transfer to you to be used for the above mentioned projects. I will be very glad to see you in person here in South Africa,to hold you you and speak some few words to you. Your prayer is of high importance to me may our good.

Kindly contact me on my private email ( )

God, Grant You Sound Health And Bless You.

Hoping To Hearing From You Soon.

Mrs Jane Fidel.

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Date: 9 October 2017 at 01:02


Fwd: ==Greetings From Ambassador Michael Arthur Raynor==

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From: Michael A. Raynor <"www.">
Date: 13 October 2017 at 02:34
Subject: ==Greetings From Ambassador Michael Arthur Raynor==

Telephone: +229 99 74 17 52

Attention: Beneficiary,

I shall be coming to your country for an official meeting on Saturday 14th/October/2017 and i shall be bringing your Fund of $15.5m along with me but this time i will not go through Custom because as an Ambassador to Republic Du Benin, I am a US GOVERNMENT AGENT and i have the veto power to go through Custom.

As soon as i am through with my meeting i shall then proceed to your registered house address with your Consignment Fund. Without missing words, I am convinced 100% that you have had bitter experience with various 'scam claiming to be high government officials and thereby defrauding you of your 'hard-earned money'. The activities of these scam has changed your perspective about conducting business on the internet, and you now believed there is no genuine business that can be conducted on the internet. Well, I am an American and the internet was created by Americans for the purpose of creating
awareness for your products/services and conducting genuine business with ease.

I am fully committed to deliver the "diplomatic consignment" to you at your door step within 48hours in order to differentiate myself from the many Benin Republic, Nigeria and other government officials you have dealt with.

I am a full citizen of the United States, but I was on a Foreign Mission here in Benin as a US Ambassador. Hence, I am making every effort to ensure that no citizen of the United States and other part of the world is cheated by Benin Republic. Therefore, I need your utmost support and understanding to actualize this dream. I also want you to understand that I do trust you and I expect you to show me the same trust and respect in return since trust is a 2-way street.

On the other hand, trust is a relationship of reliance. Trust also means being able to predict what other people will do and what situations will occur. Trust is both an emotional and logical act. Emotionally, it is where you expose your vulnerabilities to people, but believing they will not take advantage of your openness. Logically, it is where you have assessed the probabilities of gain and loss, calculating expected utility based on hard performance data,and concluded that the person in question will behave in a predictable manner.

In practice, trust is a bit of both. I trust you because I have experienced your trustworthiness by merely believing in what I have said, even when you have not seen me, and because I have faith in human nature. Frankly speaking, I understand that anyone in your shoes will feel betrayed, but I still want you to show me your trust by giving me the benefit of doubt on this delivery arrangement. My identity and personality is verifiable, and I promise to deliver the consignment to you safely without any hitch. Please do not allow this mission to die off because the registration fee of your Consignment Trunk Box which is $297 US Dollars, I meant so well for you and I believe you will appreciate me more when you have finally received your partial payment of $15,500.000.00 US Dollars upon my arrival with the package at your nominated address.

I will use my position and personality to deposit the $15,500.000.00 USD into your bank account without questioning from the financial monitoring authorities, since all documentations proving the legitimacy of the funds has been processed. Please don't see me as one of the numerous dubious Benin republic you have dealt with in the past. I am a different person entirely and I come from a different continent. I have the American spirit in me and I hate cheaters. I promise to always uphold the national unity of the United State. Please reply back ASAP and let me know your possibility of sending the
$297 US Dollars.

You can send it via Money Gram with below information, please copy the name correctly outline below to avoid mistake.

Account Officer Info: Money Gram Money transfer only.

Receiver's Name:......PAUL  OGU
Country:....... Benin Republic
City:....... Cotonou
Amount:.......$297 US Dollars

Reference. . . .
Sender's Name. . .
Sender's Address. . .
Sender's Telephone number:......

As soon as you send the fee make sure you send the payment information. My Flight is Saturday 14th/October/2017 and i expect you to comply before time then so that the delivery will be completed. If you do not comply, then it will not be my fault if you do not receive your

I hope you will understand and follow my instruction to enable me serve you better.

Feel free to call me for more details: +229 99 74 17 52

Ambassador Michael Arthur Raynor
Telephone: +229 99 74 17 52

Fwd: Dear Friend

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From: aliyu Omar <>
Date: 13 October 2017 at 14:58
Subject: Dear Friend

Hello dear,

I'm using this opportunity to let you know that, I sent you a letter a month ago, but I did not receive a response from you and am not sure if you do receive the email quickly, because I have not heard from you, this is the reason why I repeat to resend it to you i know you will suprise because you don't know me from Adam. I'm available with documents of an over invoice contract payment in an accounts with a prime bank for transfer to an offshore account. Are you willing to be my partner?

Get back to me immediately.

Mr.Aliyu Omar